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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Hire Me!

I am available for short term contract work. My experience in Notes and Domino is very hard to match, but I've got lots of experience in other technologies as well. Why should you hire me? I'm honest, hard working, and have a great track record. Some of my qualifications:
  • Excellent design & coding skills. The code you'll get from me will be well thought out, well written, and easy to maintain. I keep in mind the maintainer, and try to make sure the code is no more complex than it needs to be to meet the requirements.
  • Excellent communication skills. In business, surprises are bad. I'll let you know what to expect up front, and if anything changes from that you'll know as soon as possible. I don't BS to get work; I'm not always right, but I am always honest.
  • Recognized Expert in Notes and Domino. I worked for 5 years at Iris Associates, the developers of Notes and Domino. If you've used Lotus Notes R5 or later, you used my work. In R5 I built the Welcome Page portal, contributed heavily to the mail template, built the Stats and Events UI interface, among other things. For R6 I rewrote and heavily extended the Notes Formula runtime engine, worked on the NSF database internals, implemented Java to JavaScript LiveConnect functionality, designed the patented Unread Mark Replication, and many other things. I've given numerous talks at conferences in the US and Europe. I've contributed to a Notes book and written several articles for Notes trade magazines.
  • Lots of experience. I've built GUIs in Lotus Notes and Domino Web server, VB.net, Win32 Api, MFC and Java. I've built backends in C/C++ and Java. I've worked on database engines, networking layers, language runtimes, distributed systems. What technologies I don't know I pick up easily and eagerly.
  • I go where others fear to tread. At Iris I took on more than one project that was effectively abandoned because no one else wanted to work on it. Got a really difficult problem? I love a challenge!
  • I am a professional. I keep the customers best interests in mind, always. If that means I lose out sometimes in order to meet my commitments, then so be it. My professional reputation is extremely important.
  • I'm cheap. I work fast, and I work hard. I don't pad my hours, ever.
Don't just take my word for it, Google me! My full resume is here.


Clint said...

Good luck, Damien. I'll be watching your blog.

You might want to fix the first bullet of this post (Hire Me!) from "... code in no more complex ..." to "... code is no more complex ..."

It's always the little things!

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Damien said...

Fixed, thanks!

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Anonymous said...

OMG. We suffer through Notes 5 daily as our "enterprise mail system". If there is a more horrible, impenetrable UI out there, I don't know what it could be. Command line DOS?

I hate to be negative, because there are lots of good things out there, but Notes is.. uh.. not one of them.

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Damien said...

This post has been removed by the author.

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Damien said...

I'm sorry to hear that. I truly think Notes is a great product and I'm very proud to have worked on it at the levels I did. It does have flaws, but it’s also quite a powerful product. I know its UI can be infuriating, but is gotten a lot better since then. I don't want to get all defensive about this though. I spent a huge part of my career on it, I don't regret it.

I also have ton of expertise that's hard to find, which is why those skills are probably most valuable, hence I emphasize that.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Damien, good luck with your career move. As for the guy who doesn't like Notes... well, there's stuff to hate about basically every UI going (I hate stuff about various Linux WMs and DEs, the Win95+ Explorer interface, and the Mac OS X interface). I doubt if any UI can be all things to all men - and let's just ignore the other 51% of the population.... (I loved the OS/2 Workplace Shell, and where did that get me?)

I think one reason there is quite a lot of hostility to the Notes interface (coming from users, not developers) is that a) there's a large installed base (so there's a large catchment area of disgruntled people) and unlike other software vendors IBM/Lotus don't try to be cuddly, b) the product has maintained an awesome backwards compatibility, so the UI has been quite slow to develop, c) developers and managers expect Notes apps to be turned around quickly, so there is often not even the time to make the GUI more luscious.

I've used lots of different OSes, different languages, and differnt development tools. Notes and Domino still rock (and I am banking the rest of my livlihood in IT on them!)

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Steve said...

> I given numerous talks at conferences in in the US and Europe.

Were they more fluent than that?

I tolerate Notes and Domino every day. I'm one of those poor souls who supports it on the Mac as my choice of career. But it is a choice :-)

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Damien said...

>Were they more fluent than that?

Eh, probably not. I'm not exactly a gifted speaker, or writer for that matter. Fixed now though, thanks!

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Steve said...

>>I've given numerous talks at conferences in in the US
>Fixed now though

Er, no it's not. I was going to suggest that I'd be happy to help if you wanted to port couch to OS X but I'll offer my services as a proof reader instead ;-)

2:58 PMlink  
Damien said...

LOL. Oh... there was a second typo! I stopped reading after the first one. If there is a third typo in that same sentence then I might have to take to you up on that offer.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Damien,

Those guys posting about the UI and attributing "challenges" to you directly are completely nuts. I'm not exactly shy about talking about UIs, but it shouldn't get personal. There are lot of great UI constructs in R5, lots more in R6 and I hope a ton more to come. You are to thank for a lot of the good stuff...including your peers at IBM.

For those of you who "suffer through R5"...upgrade! If you still don't like R6, push your own changes through. It's true that some things IBM has to change themselves, but don't let it reflect on any one person. As you can imagine, there are tons of product/project managers and all kinds of layers to approving changes that a developer might want to get done...and he/she can get blocked at any point along the way.

Damien has a large number of people who really respect his work. If you're looking for someone along the lines of his skillset, you can't go wrong with him.

...Neil Wainwright (neil@nexonia.com)

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