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Saturday, September 04, 2004

DamienKatz.com is taken

This domain was my second choice for this blog. My obvious first choice was www.damienkatz.com, but it’s taken. It doesn't appear to be for sale, at least there is no obvious way to inquire about buying it. The whois server for the domain is whois.bulkregister.com, which doesn't seem to respond to whois requests. I'm not sure what all this means.


Steve said...

What you've got there is a company that's bought domain names for $0.99 and is trying to sell them on for $15. If you can prove that you have more right to that name then you're entitled to claim it but that's a long and lengthy procedure.

And now you're established on .net you might as well forget about .com. That would mean that bulkregister.com have bought something that's no use to them!

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Bob Balaban said...

If you trademark the name DamienKatz, you probably have a claim to take the domain away from the current owner. But it may not be worth the hassle.

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