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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Erlang problem #1, IDE

Ok, I'm trying to do this Erlang tutorial. So I first download Erlang/OTP. Then I discover that it contains no IDE or code editor. There is no way I'm doing a tutorial using Notepad like I'm a caveman, so I search for Erlang IDEs.

Google finds me an Erlang Eclipse plugin called Erlide. Cool! I've wanted to try out Eclipse: two birds, one stone. So I download Eclipse 3 and the plugin. I look for plugin installation instructions, none found. So I spelunk the Eclipse dirs I see that there is a plugins dir. I figure out all I need to do is unzip the Erlang plugins into that dir. Cool!

Then I fire up Eclipse and try to create a new Erlang project. It shows up as project choice, everything seems to be good. Then I go through the project creation wizard, click finish and thud. Eclipse pops an error: "Problems encounter while setting project description." Then another: "An error has occurred: See error log for details." I vainly hunt around the Eclipse IDE looking for the error log, no luck.

I visit the Erlide website again to find out what went wrong. I can find nothing on the site or the files I downloaded that has anything resembling troubleshooting, known problems, documentation or even a simple readme file. Hooray for free software!

Then I figure that maybe the plugin only works with a previous version of Eclipse. So I download and install Eclipse 2.1.3 and install the plugin there. However I when I create a new project I don’t even get the option for an Erlang project. Darn!

So then I look through the Erlang FAQ and discover that the "official" IDE for Erlang is typically Emacs. I have never used Emacs, and as I understand it has steep learning curve. The other viable choice seems to be UltraEdit. I’m going to give that a try, if that doesn’t work out then its back to Notepad like a caveman.


Anonymous said...

Before you get to Notepad, give TextPad a try. It's my bare-bones text editor of choice.


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Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Ned, TextPad's very good.

What's more, it has support for Erlang in the form of a syntax you can download here:

http://www.rosss.dds.nl/bbposts/erlang.syn-- Ben

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Anonymous said...

I don't advocate that you try to learn the complex Vim keystrokes, but if you install ftp://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/pc/gvim63.exe, you can run it in 'easy' a.k.a CUA mode. It has syntax mode for nearly every know language including Erlang and it's free.

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Anonymous said...

Else, you can use scite. A great one. And free. http://www.scintilla.org/SciTE.html

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