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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Google is a genius

The fact that sites like www.gmail4troops.com exist tells me Google is marketing genuis. Gmail is free, but to artificially limit supply and simultaneously employ your users as the distribution channel is brilliant. And they are doing it so well that people are begging for Gmail invites. Do it for the troops.... won't you.? If the troops were really in such need then shouldn't Google just give invites to everyone in the military?

But people are buying into the scarcity. Will Wheaton, of Star Trek fame, runs a very popular blog and he has a plug for the gmail4troops site right in the middle of his page, just above his blog posts.

I know we all want to help the troops, but come on... donating email accounts? Like there isn't already a zillion free email sites in existence, the troops must have this one! Is there anything more worthless we can donate to make ourselves feel better? How about we send some free Craftmatic Adjustable Bed sales videos, there's no obligation!

Got to hand it to Google.

(Eh, can anyone send me a Gmail invite? Not for me of course..... ok, its for me)


Axinar said...

What's the GMail invite worth to you?

Actually I think they are just trying to figure out the threads of who knows who.

And I think they may be getting close to going public.

I can't find anyone (besides you) who wants any of mine.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Damien,

The guys at Google are brilliant, that's sure -- but in a different way. Its how they question every little thing we take for granted and look at how it might be different.

With the invites, its let them launch small, and as they add capacity doll out the invitations. They seem to create a pool of them when they have excess bandwidth, but hand them in a in lots of 5-10 at most to people. The more you get rid of, the more you get back. That allows them very precise control over the number of active new users joining on at a given time. The don't pass out a hundred to everyone and then never know if they'll get a wave that slams them. No, they keep a millions little pipes open and feed just a few at a time out each pipe. Perfect, predictability in roll out rate. Sweet.

(signing this here, since I don't have an account)
--Andrew Pollack

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