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Friday, September 10, 2004

Microsoft Empower, ACTIVATE!

Today I got my Microsoft Empower for ISVs package. Its basically an MSDN Universal subscription for $375. It came in a box about the size of a large shoebox. I was a little disappointed at how light it was, it's supposed to have nearly every piece of business software they make. Then I remembered now they use DVDs instead of CDs. Whew... bullet dodged.

But when I opened the box, I was surprised to find ...(drumroll)... a slightly smaller box. And two sheets of paper, one that tells me what's in the slightly smaller box (software) and another that tells me my rights to what's in the slightly smaller box (can't resell it). The smaller box wasn't special or anything, it's a plain old brown corrugated cardboard shipping box, almost identical to one it was shipped in. Now I'm no environmentalist but that seems unnecessarily wasteful.

I was going to take a picture and post it so everyone could see how recursive it looked, one box snugly holding another slightly smaller box. But my wife is away with the digital camera, so no go. To bad though, I really wanted to. It's such a blogger thing to do ("Today I am a blogger. I upload pictures of boxes!"). That, plus I was going to blow the lid off this scandal. Meh.

As promised, it was filled with software, software, software. All the IDEs, all the OS versions, all the productivity apps, all the servers, etc etc. Pity, I probably won't use anything in it but VC++. That's only if I build the Couch client piece for Windows, which I haven't decided just yet.

I'm glad I got it however.


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