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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Microsoft Empower update

A guy named Jim from Microsoft left a message. He's with the Empower ISV program. He wants to know my goals for the year.

Are they trying to "encourage" me to develop for their platform? Are they using cheap software to guilt-trip me into developing for Windows?

Am I required by contract to develop for their platform?


Anonymous said...

Maybe they want you to use their new programming language that, uh, doesn't owe anything to anything else, and is called "Er#"?


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Bob said...

How about calling it #Er (e.g. Sharp-Er). ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Ummm.... yeah. You are obligated, based on the enrolment terms:

* Commit to developing one (1) packaged and resalable software application that supports at least one of the following Microsoft technologies:

* Microsoft Windows Server 2003

* Microsoft Windows XP

* Microsoft Windows 2000

* Microsoft SQL Server 2000

* Microsoft Mobility platform (Microsoft Windows Mobile software for Pocket PCs, Microsoft Windows Mobile software for Smartphones)

* Within 18 months of initial membership activation (within 6 months from renewal), members must publicly announce the new packaged software application on their own official website.


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Damien said...

Dammit! I knew there was a catch.

Luckily I'm probably going to write the client for Windows anyway. But if I don't they'll shave "kick me" into my dog.

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Anonymous said...


On the plus side, today is talk like a pirate day. So if you call Jim back today, you'll fit right in!

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