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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

pour freezing cold water on her cheese wheel

I got this spam today. It had an inline image in it with the sales pitch for drugs, and the following amusing text to help it pass the spam filters:

When you see razor blade toward ocean, it means that chestnut around trembles.Where we can accidentally go deep sea fishing with our tripod.Furthermore, hole puncher beyond cheese wheel rejoices, and cup living with play pinochle with ski lodge defined by garbage can.Now and then, around support group make love to stalactite behind paper napkin.Still fall in love with her from fetishist related to rattlesnake, pour freezing cold water on her cheese wheel about with razor blade about necromancer.
It's poetic, in a psychotic sort of way.


Stan Rogers said...

Oh, yeah? Well, "colourless green thoughts sleep furiously" to you too!

Reminds me of Racter, an "AI" program that always nailed the parts of speech, but didn't quite have the power to calculate appropriateness. Douglas Hofstadter gave it a mention in "Gödel, Escher, Bach".

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