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Saturday, September 04, 2004


Prevayler is a basically a persistance layer. Its kind of mad scientist stuff, it's very different from traditional databases yet it's being pushed as a serious replacement to them. I'm considering using this or a technology like this for the Couch map servers, rather than a traditional DB.

But I must say the Prevayler folks scare me on a different level. They'd like you to sign their manifesto. The homepage its say its optional, but the whole thing has a very "us against the world" thing, I'm not sure what to think about that.


Richard said...

The idea of prevayler works pretty well. I've been using Bamboo which is an object persistence project for .NET in production. It works quite well.

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Anonymous said...

Charles Miller had something to say about the Prevayler folks a while back:

Prevayling StupidityBen

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Damien said...

Wow, thats quite a thread. Their claims, when read carefully, make sense, but its easy to misunderstand their stance. I think the Prevayler proponents biggest problem is their provocative wording of claims and then the a combative response when people misunderstand them. At least that's my impression.

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