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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

We have to watch our spending

For the first time since, well ever, I'm having to cut back on things because of lack of money. Oh sure in the past my wife and I cut back on things, because we thought we were wasting money. But now we're cutting back because we'll go broke. And by the looks of it, that will be coming faster than we originally planned, which is why I'm looking for contract work.

This means my wife actually started clipping so many coupons she now needs an organizer folder dedicated to storing them. It means we can't buy steak if we want steak. It means buying generic food items where acceptable. It means chub night.

One mistake was buying generic Market Basket semisweet chocolate chips when we made cookies. They made me hate chocolate, they bad man. Hulk! Raarrgh! and so forth.

But now, that means I can't be frivolous with money. Its not bad. Its stupid stuff. For me, when I say it out loud its sounds like the dumbest thing:

I want to buy a bench grinder. $79.95

so I can sharper my lawn mower blade.

and other various tools.

There I said it. and I'm depriving myself of it. Yes, yes, don't cry for me, I will pull through!

More belt tightening is coming though.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't it suck that you can be an obviously top of your field developer, with millions of people using the stuff you wrote and thousands more developing with it, and yet you have to cut back when you're not working? Ah, if only ace developers were paid like athletes or actors. I know you probably do it because you enjoy it, but wouldn't it be nice to get some benefits too? Especially considering how much money your contributions made Iris/Lotus/IBM.

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Damien said...

Actually, I feel pretty lucky to have gotten to work on the stuff I did, and to have the chance to make a significant contribution on something that was so widely used. I worked really hard, but I had a lot of fun. It certainly would be nice to be rich, but I was paid well, I can't complain.

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