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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Eminence Front

I don't know how it became about the money, but it became about the money, about the stuff. We tried to avoid it, we really did. But I guess there is a simple fact that you can't ignore. Buying things is fun.

And fun stuff is hard to stop doing. So our life, somehow, started to become about things, about status, about being upper middle class. It was a game and we were good at it. We both got wrapped up in it. And everything started to seem serious, and it seemed like we were becoming these adults, with adult concerns. House, style, prestige, perfection.

And it started to make me sick. Some of the best times I had with my wife was when we had nothing. The first years with my wife I had nothing but a beat up car and $6 an hour job. We were just kids, and we were just completely stupid, silly in love. We were happy, with nothing but each other.

And then I got a real job. But it was a job I loved. And it payed me well. And It made me feel really good about myself. We had money, we had each other, we were still happy.

And we kept buying stuff, we tried to be careful. We made mistakes, and we corrected them. But ultimately all the things we knew weren't really important, became important. And life stopped being about being together, about being goofy and relaxed and it became about the stuff.

That's what we figured out, that we were in it and we wanted out. But it wasn't something new we learned, we knew it all along, all the crap isn't important, but we weren't honest with ourselves. We wanted to be better than that and had a hard time admitting that we weren't.

My wife and I realize now we don't live in a vacuum, the things, the lifestyle, the prestige of it all is so seductive, and it gets us. It gets us all the time. We're not above it. Maybe knowing that we'll do better this time.


Anonymous said...

Wow well said.

You are not alone. The older I get the more convinced I am that consumer debit has lead to a modern form of slavery, and globalisation is just at further attempt to extend this. Meanwhile governments are becoming pawns of multinationals as we the people are feed horse sh*t to convince us that they care about us.

You have got to wonder where this is going to end...

Anyway heads up...

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Anonymous said...

I'm still an addict with no end in sight. When your live revolves around technology, the best toys are expensive. But with technology comes learning so it's a sort of even balance or education and greed. I'm happy.

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