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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

4 years with a nail in the head?

Yahoo! News - World Photos

...doctors found the nail after the man came to the hospital, complaining about a severe headache. They speculate that the nail stuck in the man's head four years ago in an accident but the man didn't know about it.

This is one of those things where the mind races trying to figure out the story where this is possible. At least mine does.

The best I can come up with is:

Being a fugitive from the law (for a crime he didn't commit) the man was being chased by police through a construction site. The man fell from a second story scaffolding and into construction trash. An unfortunately located nail went completely into the skull. The man passes out, the police don't find him and give up looking. A hooker with a heart of gold finds him and nurses him back to health, but neither her or the man know there was a nail in his head, they thought he just hit it hard and it had bled.

After his recovery he remains on the run and he doesn't go to the hospital despite the ill effects of having a nail in the skull (because he's a fugitive (for a crime he didn't commit (remember?))). Eventually the police catch up with the man and arrest him. In a dramatic moment in the court room, it comes out that he was framed and the case is dismissed. The man passes out from the excitement (and the nail in the head) and is taken to the hospital. They question the man and he says he's had headaches for years. They take an x-ray and, tada!, they find the nail embedded in his skull. The end.

Ok, ok, television has ruined my imagination. So how the hell could someone have a nail in their skull and not know about it?


Anonymous said...

I'd guess the real story involves a nail gun, a ricochet, and
the guy thinking he bumped his forehead on something rather than getting "nailed" in the head, explaining the bleeding.

Imagine the guy using a nail gun while leaning under a shelf, for instance. The nail bounces, he jerks his head back and hits it, and then assumes he's bleeding cause he hit his head.

I like your version better, I must admit... :)
Mike G.

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Pete said...

This happens more often than you may imagine. The culprit is usually a nail gun. I remember one story where the guy didn't find out he head a nail in his head until he went home and tried to take off his baseball cap but couldn't because it was nailed to his head.

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Damien said...

I immediately thought of a nail gun too, and I know there are lots of times when nails and spikes have gone into people brains and they've survived. But wouldn't a nail that goes 2 inches into a skull cause serious enough problems that a person must seek medical attention? That's the part I can't understand, how could something that big have gotten there and the man never realizes it? I really wish there were more information about this story.

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