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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Career Change?

In a previous post, I said I'm considering a career change, but I just don't know to what. I am indeed considering it, not because I dislike software development, but because I think it's possible I'd be happier doing something else.

I'm at a point right now where I don't need to make a lot of money. No, not because we're rich (we're not), not because we have some other source of income (we don't), but because we live cheaply and happily and we have some money saved up. If I find something else I really enjoy, maybe I would be even happier and our savings would take us until I make a decent living at it. So far I haven't found anything else I want to do, but I'm going to keep looking.

So what sorts of things am I considering? I like to bake, I thought about opening a bakery, but I think I'd get sick being in a kitchen all day. We baked lots of stuff as gifts this Christmas and I'm already a little tired of it. I also thought about working in a store or health club, but that seems to be pretty boring work. I thought about custom cabinet making or fine carpentry, but I think I'd hit the same issues that I deal with as a software consultant. Actually I think almost everything I'd enjoy doing is where I'm making or designing things, and eventually I'd have the same disagreeable issues I face now.

If something comes along that really catches me, I might make a career change. But for now I'll keep writing software and living cheaply.


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about this change "staff" lately (and before) and finally I realised that there are many aspects to change. That is, change can come in many forms. For example, I may change the pace of my life while I essentially do the same things. I just trim out a few things that do not really add anything and more likely sap the energy from me and my environment. That way I am not changing what it is that I am doing (the essential 'me' staff) just letting myself do it better/more/less, because I am not rushed. I can put more of myself into it and so more of me can grow not just my wallet. I like to put myself into my work, it then becomes an expression of what and who it is that I am. At work its a luxury to work in that way as there are deadlines and other pressing needs and I don't remember when was the last time that I was looked at as a craftsman; code-monkey, yes.

It is likely though that what I am doing will also need some tweaking, not just the pace at which I am going about it. And then some other aspect will need tweaking like working from home twice a week to improve my surroundings. But once I am done with all the tweaking and have found that sweet-spot and enjoyed it for a while I may find that its time to move on and take another step outside my comfort zone; and keep growing. Seems to me there is no escaping from a little "adversity"; the spice of life; the staff that makes me push myself that little bit harder. Otherwise, I would just go and sit on the beach and watch sunrise become sunset day after day. So the theory goes, but even this would be hard without a full frontal lobotomy.


PS. I think another way to frme what I have said is that it may be time to find the hobby in my work which has progressively gotten lost over time.

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Anonymous said...

A career change is something which occurs to me every so often (normally when things at work are particularly boring or political) but I have yet to find anything which can get close to the overall package of my current job. There are surprisingly few careers which offer the mental challenges and diverse things which I do for anything even close to the money.

The other problem is that I am essentially unqualified in any other field and the thought of going back to being at the bottom of the pile and starting again just doesn't appeal.

That being said I am always on the lookout for ideas, if something comes along I won't stay quiet about it for long.


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Anonymous said...


I am too considering a career change. I have always dreamed of owning/operating a NY style bagel shop. Watch me... :-)


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Anonymous said...

I just remembered that a while ago (maybe a year already) I have come across a book that features stories of people who have experienced a change in their lives/careers. It's called "What should I do with my life?" and the stories have been collected by Po Bronson. Link to Amazon.


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