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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Everything new is olde again

One of the things I liked about living in New England its history and all the old, historical houses and buildings. My house there was built in 1892 and it had a unique charm, but that was newish compared to some of the buildings that had been around since the 1600's and earlier. Seeing old buildings and historical markers that date back several hundred years gave me a sense of a stable community, a feeling of being a part of a historical timeline. It's not like that's super important, but it's nice.

So when we were moving to Charlotte I was worried that I'd lose that. You see, Charlotte is a newish rapidly expanding city, with tons of new strip malls being built to service all the new housing developments that are being slapped up carefully crafted. However, since moving here I've noticed a wonderful phenomenon, shopping centers are adding "e" to the end of words, thereby imparting an undeniable old world charm. This way, we don't have to suffer though the blight that is the modern shopping center. Why it's almost like touring the historical districts in London, to wit:

I think this is an example that combines a shopping center with a quirky love of ducks. However I didn't see any ducks, perhaps they were hiding under all the SUVs in the parking lot.

Promenade is French for "Public place for leisurely strolls". So I guess this means "Ancient awesome public place for leisurely strolls". Of course getting there requires slightly more than a leisurely stroll, it's on the corner of two 4-lane highways.

This one combines my love of shopping, er, I mean shoppeing, and my love of learning. Coolle!

This one's kind of sad, only two spaces and one's vacant. But with that quaint charm it won't be long before a cobbler or porne store opens up.

Grille? I looked it up, it's French. This is a restaurant, apparently a snooty French restaurant. Tres bien mon cher, tres bien.

Even neighborhoods can have olde worlde charme. Imagine the joy as you return to your historic neighborhood each night, complete with covered bridge*.

*bridge may not exist in real life

Now here is a place that just doesn't get it. Who wants to go here? Where's the love? Let's fix that.

1000% better! Now it's a place where I can really get some olde time shoppeing done.


Bob said...

Even better if you change all of the "The" to "Ye". "Ye Shoppes At Newell" would just pack them in.

12:52 PMlink  
Anonymous said...

Your French is awful. It is BIEN, not BEIN. Make sure you spell it correctly when using a foreign language. Looks damn clumsy (but then, an average American won't notice...)

A non-French and non-English blog-peeker.

3:42 PMlink  
Damien said...

Well (I've always wanted to say this for real), excuse my French!

However, you have no idea how bad my French really is, not only do I not know how to spell it, I don't even know what it means! (I just thought it sounded good) But I did google it, and there are thousands of others who have made the same mistake. So go kind stranger, go forth and correct the unwashed masses!

5:31 PMlink  
Ed Brill said...

Your use of Photoshoppe really made me guffaw.

1:14 PMlink  

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