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Friday, December 17, 2004

Financial Challanges For Today and Tomorrow


Anonymous said...

You've made a few typos yourself in this blog- but it's no less interesting because of it. Spanish speaking nations, for one, don't have such phonetic vulnerabilities as English speaking nations do, as depicted in the photo- with our illogical and utterly inconsistent rules of spelling, distracting us from the main point, and draining our semantic faculties- our capability to focus on solving the actual problem at hand. Our President need not bow down and curtsy (or whatever the silly rule is this time) to the Queen nor to her English. We in the United States can now spell it as challanges, as we continue to spell color similarly uncoloured. Noam Chomsky said himself (of all people) that languages change through such errors and adaptations over time. In Chomsky's own terms, this is actually an advancement of a people owning their language, lead boldly by our President. Let us be idle for a moment to consider this before we ridicule. (or, we could actually consider the original issue.)

David Boudreau

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Damien said...

I'm not really ridiculing them, I just find the irony too funny to pass up. And yes, the fact that its the White House PR machine that made the flub does indeed add to the humor for me.

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