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Friday, December 31, 2004

Life's Greatest Trip - by Arthur Blessitt

planetdan.net - Life's Greatest Trip

Like, if you want to get high,
you don't have to drop
just pray and you'll go all the way to heaven

You don't have to pop pills to get loaded.

Just drop
a little Matthew, Mark, Luke or John

Get loaded on Jesus
24 hours a day,
you can be naturally stoned
on Jesus!

Like, with Jesus
He can really get it together in your head
and you heart forever.

It's like an eternal RUSH!
Like, whoa.

via Waxy


Stan Rogers said...

When you look at it like that, it really ought to be illegal. Right?

9:41 AMlink  
Anonymous said...

Or at least tightly regulated by the FJA (Federal Jesus Administration). Like, there's nothing like some bad Jesus to ruin your trip man.

1:38 PMlink  

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