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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Need for Feed 2

I've added a full RSS feed, instead of the old crappy summary feed I had since I started my blog. More than a month ago Bob Congdon sent me the php script he uses to generate his feeds, but I couldn't get it working until my ISP, JumpDomain, did a big upgrade recently (the same upgrade that hosed Ned apparently, backwards compatibility is a bitch). If anyone has any problems with it let me know.

Anyway, I'll continue to publish the old feed for now but you'll probably want to switch to the new one. If you don't know what a feed is then you can safely ignore this message.

And a big belated thanks to Bob for the script.


Anonymous said...

Under Sage (1.3) within Firefox (1.0) I am getting "file not found"


4:03 AMlink  
Anonymous said...

I just tried to register your RSS feed to RSSReader but it could not validate the feed.

For more information see


10:37 AMlink  

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