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Monday, December 27, 2004

Safe place to put money?

Does anyone know what a good, safe thing to do with money right now? We have the money that we'll need for the next year or so in a savings account, but I'm thinking I should do something else with it. I'm worried about the falling dollar and inflation and I think I'd like to hedge against that, but I don't know what's available that will meet my need of easy access and safety. Any suggestions are welcome, post here or mail them to me.


Anonymous said...

How many interest do you get on that account?
Here in germany I've got my savings on a special so called 'daily' account where I got 3.1%

Tobias Mueller


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David Pitkin said...

Gold is the normal hedge against a falling currency. Euro's could be a creative idea but less safe.

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Anonymous said...

From Jordan Matthiesen:

I believe that money market accounts are one of the best places to put savings that you need easy access to. They don't have locks on them like CDs or early withdrawal fees (though they have limits on how many checks you can write, or sometimes the amount you can withdraw in a given month). They do earn better interest than savings accounts. Take a look at www.bankrate.com for the latest rates (http://www.bankrate.com/brm/rate/mmmf_highratehome.asp).

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