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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

@Transform, @Sort, @EgoBoost

Lots of posts recently regarding @Transform and custom @Sort, 2 of the many features I added to the compute engine in Notes 6. I've never actually had occasion to use them and it's been nearly 4 years since I wrote that stuff, so it's really cool for me to finally see some people using it.

Spanky demonstrates how custom @Sort can reduce lines of code. Rocky explores @Transform for his Lotusphere presentation "Formula Big Top". Then Ben goes berserk with efficiency nesting @Transform inside another @Transform, then pushes it further nesting @Transforms inside a custom @Sort (I'm woozy, I need to sit down), and Spanky does a good job of creating a simpler, more readable version of the formula.

Very cool stuff... to me anyway.


Anonymous said...

Hi Damien,
I do not blog, but happen to read some of them when i get time.
Recently, i stumbled upon your blog and i was really happy to learn that you are responsible for the "magic" in R6 formulas.
Its been around 4 years i have been developing applications using Lotus Notes and "first time" interacting with a person who was directly involved in building the application development environment that i love .. so i couldn't stop myself and thought of appreicating your work.
Great stuff dude !!
@For,@Sort and @Transform are my favourites, they really save alot of time and are extremely efficient when it comes to performance.
Sad to know that you are no longer involved with future releases of Notes (correct me if i am wrong), i bet we would miss alot in the formulas to come.
I do actively participate on the lotus forums with the name LoNo Developer.


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Damien said...

Thanks for the kind words, its nice to be appreciated.

10:30 PMlink  

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