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Thursday, December 23, 2004

What would you do with a free year?

The Occupational Adventure (sm): What would you do with a free year?

In a very real sense, I'm living a free year. Ok, it's not free, I'm footing the bill and I'm also doing some part time contract work. But I feel like I have free year.

So far I've done as little as possible. I've spent a lot of time with my wife and child. I thought I'd watch more TV, but for some reason I'm watching a lot less. I'm just relaxing, and quite by accident I'm discovering a lot of things about myself.

I still plan on doing Couch (and something else I'm calling Sofa), but I'm also seriously thinking about a career change. I just haven't the foggiest idea what it would be, but it's liberating and fun to consider new possible careers. One thing I'm thinking about doing is some temp work. Yup, just plain old random pay-next-to-nothing temp work. Why? To see what I can see.


Anonymous said...

I am at once curious and want to wish you well. I am curious as to your motives (as I am usually curious about people's sea changes) and your progress with this. And of course it takes balls as it were. Is it something that is mostly guided by your inner need for a change to find a more fulilling occupation; is it more profound where you vocation (calling) is changing? Given what is happening in programming and the greater "IT industry" I cannot help but wonder if it is dictated at least to some measure by the need to be able to provide a sustainable income for your family?

And it seems to me that a career of a programmer these days is measured in years not decades. There are so many other questions of course like what ransferrable skills do programmers have and where are they applicable? That is if the change is into a related discipline or somewhat related like bio-informatics. Otherwise, you do as you please and maybe 20 years from now you may see a thread that eld it all together however light. But I do see how exciting it must also be to realise that there is a world of opportunities out there. Cross-roads: exciring times ahead.


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