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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Evil Blogger

This is a list of psychopathic blogging techniques. It is to be used by remorseless individuals who are willing to increase their blog popularity and readership using unethical means. It is important that the techniques used are discrete, the psychopathic blogger needs to appear completely sane and honest.
  • Use bots to visit many others blogs and put your blog URL in the http referrer. Many bloggers will find your site when checking their referrer logs and will visit your blog to find where you are linking to them. Most will give up quickly and leave but some small percentage will stick and join your readership. You can always use the defense that you accidentally deleted the post containing their link.
  • Invent various internet characters and have them post lots of comments on your own articles. Make the comments completely stupid and/or controversial. This makes it look like you have lots of active readers and makes others want to join the discussion, and since the comments are already stupid they will feel intellectually superior and less hesitant. People are more likely to want to read a blog that's already popular, so the more popular your blog appears the more readers you attract.
  • Register as many accounts as possible through content aggregators (like bloglines.com, awesome service btw) and add your own blog feed to each account. Add other popular blogs that have similar focus to your own. This will make your blog readership numbers larger and the system is more likely automatically recommended your blog to other blog readers.

More to come. Got anymore ideas?


Nick Mudge said...

This is very interesting. Do you have any good tips for how to increase your own blog readership and popularity in an honest way? I'm pretty new to blogging.

10:15 PMlink  
Damien said...

Sorry I don't have any tips, I'm pretty new to blogging too.

11:04 PMlink  
Nick Mudge said...

haha Ok man.


2:09 AMlink  
Anonymous said...

Post generic comments on your site as an A list blogger, pick one who posts a lot. If that blogger ever comes to your site and sees the comments, they'll probably assume they forgot they posted them.

Robert Scoble

11:56 AMlink  
Nick Mudge said...

Yea right, like Robert Scoble said that.

5:52 PMlink  

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