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Thursday, January 06, 2005

The French diet connection

USATODAY.com - The French diet connection

As someone who used to eat a low fat "healthy" diet, I think this article is really on to something. I'm no gourmet, but a funny thing happened when I did two things:

1. Cut back on sugary, starchy and processed foods

2. Eat delicious foods

When I started doing those two things I lost weight. I "accidentally" lost nearly 20 lbs in 6 months, and my weight has stayed pretty steady for about six months since then . At first, I was worried that I might have something wrong with me, because I kept losing weight even though I wasn't trying. It happened even though I was using big pats of butter on toast and vegetables. Even though I was eating more red meat. Even though I use lots of oil in everything. Even though I bought a deep fat fryer and use it several times a week. Even though my daily chocolate consumption has probably tripled.

So we cook more and eat more meals together. We don't buy many convenience foods. We never look at fat content and we don't ever buy the "low fat" version of foods. We do make an effort to eat more greens, but we use full fat dressing on salads and slather butter on broccoli for example. I actually make a point of trying to use MORE butter, I leave the covered butter dish out so that it stays soft and accessible.

My only caveat is that I make a conscious effort to not stuff myself. I always made that effort before, but now that I'm eating better tasting food, somehow it's much easier.

Am I heathlier? I don't know, but I'll make a slimmer corpse someday.


Anonymous said...

I love your attitude toward butter, I've moved that way myself. But nirvana is not the left out butter dish, it is the glorious Butter Bell http://www.butterbell.com/frameset.asp?frame=2&s=287588314&ip=

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Damien said...

Very cool. I want one.

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Anonymous said...

hmmm that is so interesting. i, too, have been following a "healthy" low-fat diet but eating things like nonfat TASTELESS cheese and drinking nonfat WATERY milk has seemed to only make me hungrier, crave more and binge at night on fats that my body really wants like walnuts and some cheese :(

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