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Friday, January 07, 2005

Jerry Springer The Opera

Yahoo! News - Jerry Springer Opera, featuring 'gay Jesus', sparks record 5,500 complaints

"The opera contains a total of 3,168 'f'-words and 297 'c'-words. The expletive-laden songs include Pregnant By A Transsexual and Here Come The Hookers."

Whoa. They drop the f-bomb 3,168 times? In a 2 hour musical that is one f-bomb dropped every 2 1/2 seconds. Is it just a continuoues chant? Damn right complain about it, that kind of swearing can only lead to chaos. But boy I want to see it. Really.


Ben Poole said...

The BBC will be showing the production on TV this weekend: the protests have been pouring in already, and it hasn't even aired!

Very silly.

BBC news link

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Dave Harris said...

Damien, they multiplied the occurrences of the word by the number of people who sung it, ie 1 ocurrence x 100 members of the chorus = 100 uses of the word. Cute.

10:01 AMlink  
Damien said...

A chorus of f-bombs. Awesome.

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