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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Painkillers Damage Intestine

Yahoo! News - Painkillers Damage Intestine, U.S. Expert Says

Wow, more bad news about pain killers. COX-2 inhibitors cause heart attacks, Tylenol causes liver failure. NSAIDs eat away your stomach and now they also eat your intestines.

The only things left which doesn't cause life threating illness are opiates, which don't actually stop pain, they just make it so you don't care about it. Oh yeah, they don't tell that it also causes terrible constipation (know what it feels like to pass a pine cone? I do).

The only pain drug I actually liked when I hurt my hand several years ago was Vioxx (a COX-2 inhibitor). It just plain worked, no nervousness, no loopiness, no fog, no noticible side effects, the pain just goes away. Of course I had a slightly elevated risk of heart attack, maybe I should sue them for putting me in harms way?


Anonymous said...

Stick a needle in your ear ... acupuncture style ... and feel the difference ... drugs are too easy and too convenient for the side effects they have. Is it any wonder that a man made substance, hardly in harmony with the body, causes more ill than good? People are so shortsighted in their trades: short term comfort for long term illness. "Sounded good at the time."


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