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Monday, January 03, 2005

Ways to fix your life: Quit your job

U.S. News & World Report - Ways to fix your life: Quit your job

This article is very relevent to me right now.


Anonymous said...

Man I'd love to do that, but being the only financial income in the family (a wife and 2 daughters), it's quite impossible.

I've been a freelancer for a while and I found that I didn't make more money but I rather took a lot more time off. That was really great. I'm hoping 2005 can bring this kind of life again...

Ben Dubuc

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Anonymous said...

Is the grass truly greener elsewhere, or is that just a mirage effect on us? Quitting corporate America to open up the bagel shop might be... enlightening, but also violates the social contract of you to offer us the most valued contributions you can make in society in exchange for your opportunity to recieve the Most Pay: the only objective measure we have of such success under discussion. If money doesn't do it for you, your only choice is to then determine what you value more, and come to terms with your own core values and principles. The thing is, you can't simply up and quit these principles down the road (as the article suggests) because these are the things that do NOT change. With Couch for example... is it being done just because it's cool technology to work on and interesting as a technical approach, or is the effort for some overall aim that you are interested in it being used somehow? It's the overall objective or aim (i.e. a Goal) that will keep you going, regardless of what steps get you there. All this talk about core values and mission statements etc. sounds all fluffy to some people, until times like these when they become your rock.

-David Boudreau

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Anonymous said...

What if your value to society (your family, etc) is in expressing yourself? What sort of things would you then express? What benefit would it have for you and those around you? Would your work take on a meaning that you didnt know it had? What if what you make is not only functional but also beautiful? What if it insipired others? What if it was to bring joy to the heart not sustenance for the body? What if you made a deeply and lastingly felt difference? What if after working a whole day you felt more energised than at the start as you have gained through your work the nourishment that only comes from feeding the soul? What if I had no more questions?


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Anonymous said...

Great questions! Sounds like the kind of thing that takes dedication, focus, discipline, and the capacity to Not Quit until it's finished, though (or lack of sustenance for the body kills you, whichever comes first). Also, in order for society to value it as your highest contribution, it also assumes they will see the (subjective) beauty as you do. But they won't take your word for it before it's completed.

David Boudreau

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