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Friday, February 25, 2005

Agent Boost is now Trigger Happy!

Thanks to great suggestion from John Smart, I've changed the name of Agent Boost to Trigger Happy. The name is less likely to confuse people I think.

I've now got a new version 0.8 ready to download. This new version lets you trap on database-open events so you could, for example, add you own database level security checking using LotusScript, and it adds the ability to trigger an event based on a selection formula. Have fun.

Big thanks to Thomas Gumz who did the template UI design. And thanks to Julian Robichaux for the feedback and especially for providing a cool example Trigger Happy agent that will log document changes.


Bruce Elgort said...

Congrats on the release! I should have bet the "developer" who said you would never change the name from AgentBoost. :-)

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John Smart said...


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Colin Williams said...

Trigger Happy eh?! Made in America - how appropriate ;)

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