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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Agent Boost v0.7 available

I've finally gotten around to getting Agent Boost into a presentable shape. In order to actually get it done I had to give up the notion of creating a test suite. Maybe someday. The project home page is here and the version v0.7 download is available here. No registration required!

What is Agent Boost? Agent Boost is a Lotus Notes and Domino add-on that let's you register LotusScript agents to intercept low level events. The events can then be logged, changed or even cancelled. Agent Boost consists of a DLL written in C++ and a configuration database.

Some things you can do with Agent Boost:
  • Log all access to particular documents.
  • Create a selective mail archiver.
  • Add dynamic security to the viewing and updating of documents.
  • Cover embarrassing bald spots.
Thanks a ton to my good friend Thomas Gumz for giving the Agent Boost configuration database an extremely polished look and feel, and for giving much needed feedback.

Want to help? Some things Agent Boost needs:
  • Basic feedback. You can have a big influence on the project just by telling me what you think of it and what you'd change.
  • Reviews and edits of the help documentation.
  • Examples, examples, examples! I'd love to include some example scripts on the project site and with the help documentation.
  • QA. Simply testing out Agent Boost and reporting any bugs is a huge. If someone wanted to make a huge impact a test suite would be awesome.
  • Performance testing. It would be very helpful to quantify the impact of Agent Boost on server performance.
  • Damien to get paid. Send me money, send me consulting work, send me cool freebies, pay me to speak at your conference.
If you have any questions or feedback please contact me:

MSN Messenger Id: damien_katz@yahoo.com
Yahoo Messenger Id: damien_katz@yahoo.com
email: damien_katz@yahoo.com
Phone: 704-599-0905 (USA)


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