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Friday, February 11, 2005

Asbestos, lawyers and big money

Michael Buffington started a blog that is just an aggregator of asbestos related news articles generated automatically via Google's Alert system. Why did he choose asbestos?
Right now asbestos reform and asbestos related litigation is on fire. Lawyers are paying anywhere from $15-100 per click through on Google ads. The second part of this big experiment is to see if I can capture some of that click through revenue while still providing a somewhat valid service to people who might arrive by search results.
He based his content on asbestos solely because the ads bring in more revenue. Yup, it's dirty asbestos money from vulture lawyers, and for that he will rot in hell for all eternity. But eternity's not that long and I want me some dirty money too. (I'd better get in some asbestos misspellings. Abestos Absestos Asbesto.)


Update: mesothelioma

via Slashdot


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I did my part and clicked on your ad links. :-)


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