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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Blogger.com sucks

Blogger.com is damn flakey and driving me bonkers. Why is it sometimes it takes 2 minutes to open my account? Why does it just periodically fail to publish and lose my work? Why do some of my links get magically changed to have blogger.com as the host? Why can't more things be just like Google: always fast, always reliable?

How is it possible that after being owned by Google for 2 years they still deliver service this crappy?

I do have to hand it to them that the comment system actually works pretty good now, I'm glad I procrastinated and didn't change to a new system. But really the only recent improvements have been just a better UI, nothing groundbreaking.

And yes, I'm cranky. I just "lost" a good blog entry because of a huge delay logging in. Grrr....


Stan Rogers said...

I know precisely what you mean -- there's a rumour going around that it's one of the main reasons why my blog has been, um, sparse of late. If you catch 'em on a good day, it's merely annoying, but there are days when I just can't handle the delays getting in. As for the publishing delays, well, I've put up a half-dozen dupes a couple of times because it looked like it wasn't going to happen. Harrumph.

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Jake said...

try using Sauce Reader for posting to blogger. Works like a champ for me!

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