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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Domino host provider?

I'm bringing back LiquidPoop.com as PooPoetry.com and need some place to host it. Can anyone recommend a good low cost Domino web server provider?.

What was Liquidpoop.com you ask? It was a website dedicated to the childhood art of diarrhea poems. The canonical example:
When you're climbing up a ladder
and you feel something splatter
Diarrhea oh yeah diarrhea
Yes, its quite dumb.

I had only just recently found the old database containing the over 3,000 poems submitted by readers. There is a word meaning "great amount" that I'm trying to think of...

Update: I don't think I'll bringing it back. All the viable hosting options are going to cost me $20 or more a month, and that's more than I want to spend for a provider.


Thomas "Duffbert" Duff said...

I use Connectria for hosting my Domino blog, and have been very happy with them. Chris Miller is the contact for that, so you should drop him an email at chris AT connectria.com. His blog is idonotes.com.

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Chris Pine said...

myriad? plethora?

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Ben Poole said...

I use the Domino Developer guys:

DDN site

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JayVee said...

Try http://www.corefusion.com/core/home.nsf/Published/FreeDomino

Pete provides free Domino hosting and has for years.

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Andrew Tetlaw said...

A shit load of verbal Diarrhea.... reminds me of all the years I spent at university

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the haiku section! It was the best. Especially the ones I wrote. Do you intend to monitor or filter out the crap (if you'll pardon the term) from the shit?


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Anonymous said...

I've been using the prominic.net guys for six or seven years - top rate stuff.

--* Bill

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Henning Heinz said...

There is free.dominoserver.de, 10 MB for you but they have some outages from time to time (and no real support). I would have no problem putting it on my servers but there is always a licensing problem with hosting Domino databases, even if you do it for free (I am using Express licenses). I have also tried DDN some time ago, awesome support and a fantastic web administration panel but when I was there the server was down a bit too much for my taste(could have changed now). Promenic is what codestore uses and they seem to do an excellent job (but they are not as cheap as DDN). I do not know about connectria but if their pricing is attractive (I did not find any quotes) I would investigate.

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Dave Harris said...

I use www.lotusdominohosting.com

They're currently on R5 something, but are planning on moving to R6.5 in the very near future.

and the uptime is excellent

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Ben Poole said...

www.lotusdominohosting.comNot being rude, but that's a site that could do with some a serious over-haul if it's to sell its services properly.

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