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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Name that project

I think I need to change the name of Agent Boost (an open source Lotus Notes add-on I created). Notes people seem to be getting the impression that it's some sort of a script library. Part of the problem I believe is there is similarly named C++ Boost libraries, which if AB were analogous to it, then AB would be a script library.

The other problem is that it's really not about making agents do more, but rather exposing low level events to a high level programming. As such, a future version will have Formula language option as well, thus making the "Agent" part of the name irrelevant.

So Agent Boost is a crappy name, but the problem is I can't think of a better name. The best I can come up with are silly names ("Monkey Butler" is the name I like best so far), but I'm not sure silly is good for enterprise oriented software.

Please send any suggestions or feedback. If I use your suggestion you get one free copy of damienkatz.net in web format.

Update: John Smart has a really good suggestion with "Trigger Happy".


Chris said...

Hey, go with "Monkey Butler".

I've heard a few programmers say that their favorite software option was rejected by management because of the silly name, and I see this as a good thing. If all great software is named something silly, maybe it'll lead to some kind of mass die-off of all the corporate types who take themselves too seriously.

Too much to hope for?

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Julian Robichaux said...

Strange you mention that. Me and Bruce Elgort were talking about AgentBoost just the other day, and how people might get confused about the name (since they might think it's something that makes agents go faster).

Trying to think of adjectives that describe it, I don't think of it as a "booster" so much as a "listener" or a "watcher". Or maybe an "interceptor". Or a "responder". Or maybe something that "spies" on documents as they're being opened/modified/deleted. You could try to make a bad pun about "secret agents"...

But like you said, at its core it's not about the agents. It's about waiting for changes to documents and letting you do some custom processing when changes happen.

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Jake White said...

"Trigger man"?

Just a thought.

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John Smart said...

I'd opt for "Trigger Happy" or EATLAST - Extended Agent Triggers with Long And Silly Title :-)

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Damien said...

"Trigger Happy", now that I like a lot.

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Anonymous said...

Antisuck 1.0

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Chad said...

Some times the abstract name is nice, but I would lean more towards a meaningful name (like NotesPeek). I like Julian's ideas, maybe SpyNotes, DominoSpy or DocumentIntercepter.

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Bruce Elgort said...

"Trigger Happy". I like it!

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Bob Brodsky said...


I have always found that the best apporoach is to come up with the acronym first and then fill in the meanings later. Before I realized that this approach was best I once started a project called Resource Allocator and Production Estimator! I had to change the acronym to PERC and then find new meanings ...

So, how about SUPER or OpenAgents or FRIED =:-O


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