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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Notes and Domino the number one messaging platform

I was curious how many Notes and Domino users (or victims if you prefer) there are in the world, so I went searching. I saw a bunch of articles from around the 1999 timeframe that had hard numbers, but nothing recent (Google does bad job of telling stale information from new). The last I heard was Notes was over 100 million licenses, and maybe a third of those where active users, but that was easily three years ago.

All I could find was articles touting that either Exchange or Domino is the market leader (lots more Exchange dominance articles than Domino it appears), and giving percentages of the market. But nothing the really is measuring total user base. Does anyone know? Is there even any practical way to measure that stuff accurately? IBM touts on its marketing pages that Notes is "The #1 solution for business-grade messaging and collaboration", but what does that mean? I hope it is, I'll always have a soft spot for Notes. But is that in any way accurate or is that just a meaningless "WE'RE #1!!" that marketers always claim but never have too support?


Michael said...

At Sphere, IBM reported 118 M users for Domino + 1500 converted customers this year. Domino is n°1 in the "ICE" category (Integrated collaboration env").

When it comes to seat, Exchange leads but it's impossible to compare cause, for ex, when u buy office licence, u are counted as an outlook user (and for ex, IBM has maybe 2 or 300 000 office licences...and obviouly is the biggest domino shop)

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Bruce Elgort said...

Well one thing I can say with confidence is don't believe a word that The Radicati Group publishes. They are paid by Microsoft to publish positive numbers for Microsoft. They are also very slimey.

If you haven't heard about Dr. Sara Radicati's adventures during the summer of 2004 look here:


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Anonymous said...

I think Garner has statistics showing 48% market share for Domino, 42% for Exchange. Domino market share tends to be bigger customers - 100 seats or more. EdBrill.com for this sort of stuff..

---* Bill

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