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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Spam deluge

Somewhere, somehow, a spam floodgate has burst and I'm getting about 10 times the normal spam volume. Luckily the spam filter that yahoo mail uses is very effective and none are getting through. BUT it does cause me some extra work since I still can't trust there are no false positives (some people really should tone down the marketing speak in their sigs) meaning I always scan through the spam list before purging.

It's odd, I've seen sudden drop offs in spam before, and of course I've seen some not so gradual increases, but nothing like this. Anyone else see this increase or was I just added to some big spammer's list?


Anonymous said...

Probably because I've been using your e-mail address to sign into porn sites.


4:48 PMlink  
Jens Bruntt said...

Well, the last month I have been receiving three times as much spam as I would regularly. Usually the growth rate is nothing like that.

2:35 AMlink  

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