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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The American Witness

The American Witness
"It's a systematic cleansing of peoples by the Arab chiefs there. And when you talk to them, that's what they tell you. They're very blunt about it. One day we met a janjaweed leader and he said, 'Unless you get back four camels that were stolen in 2003, then we're going to go to these four villages and burn the villages, rape the women, kill everyone.' And they did."


Blogger Stan Rogers said...

What's so damned difficult about calling a spade a spade? Didn't anyone learn anything from Rwanda?

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Blogger Damien said...

I can't fathom it either. Why isn't this a bigger news story?

I can't help but think if it were white people this was happening too there would be much more action.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

For one reason, this kind of brutality's not all that new, esp. not for Africa or many other places in the world. There are people that are doing something about the bad situations in Africa- good people like Bill Gates, but people would rather call him "evil" and not listen to his advocacy about it. I was actually surprised so many people cared so much about the recent tsunami victims, to be honest.

David Boudreau

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now, if Sudan was a big oil state...

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