Damien Idol

Once again a quick review of the stupidest show I can't stop watching, American Idol. Here it is:

  • Bo Bice - Generic Southern rocker. Bland.

  • Jessica - Sang well, but like Randy and Simon said she's not likable.

  • Anwar - Weak until the end, again.

  • Nadia - Seemed like she was shouting the lyrics.

  • Constantine - Sounded great.

  • Nikko - First really good performance. Clawing his way back into it.

  • Anthony Federov - Sang well, but he's a goober.

  • Carrie - Sounded like an absolute pro.

  • Scotty - Sounded really good, but often akward to watch. Still rooting for him.

  • Vonzell - Damn! Might win it all.

Who will leave: Jessica. Who I want to leave: Anthony

Posted March 30, 2005 12:38 AM