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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Holy Crap! Ray Ozzie to be CTO of Microsoft!

Yes, I know MS also bought Groove, but to me the bigger story is Ray becoming the CTO of Microsoft.

Ray is a personal hero of mine, besides being a legend in the software industry his work has been the foundation for a huge part of my career. Iris Associates, the company Ray founded and where I worked for 5 years, was legendary for being an amazing place to work. And it truly was an amazing place to work, and for that I am probably most grateful.

The really odd thing about Ray is he is just so damn nice. Every time he's talked to me he has always been very kind and encouraging. When I was rewriting Notes formula engine I emailed him a small non-technical question about the old engine, he responded with a long and encouraging email. And when I was done with the rewrite he sent me a very nice congratulations out of the blue. Once at a party at he spent some time asking me questions about the rewrite and the new engine's design and before he left he made it point to congratulate me again. When I told my wife about it later she said "Wow! It's not everyday a legend complements your work, you must feel great!" I did feel great, I felt like I had reached a major milestone in my career.

So, Ray, for what it's worth, big big congratulations from me, it's not everyday you become CTO of the worlds most successful software company, it must feel great!


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