Me, parodied too

Just like Pete and Ned, I was also parodied by Mike Kudla. I meant to post this with an intelligent, witty response many moons ago, but the intelligent and witty part never came. So before I forget entirely, here it is:

I heard they got a snowstorm yesterday in Boston. Serves them self-satisfied New Englanders right. Here in NC (aka Paradise) it was an unusally mild 65 and sunny. My wife and I and my incredibly cute daughter went for a long walk and spent lots of quality time together. Forget New England anyway, they work in cubicles on crappy, imperfect software.

If you are willing to give me a corner, window office and surround me
with people at least as smart as myself (as daunting as that task may seem), I can take nearly any piece of obscure, obsolete software and rewrite it to be no less obscure and obsolete...but...umm....better. That's right better!

Kudla, start a blog! I miss your humor and energy, you're one of the few engineers who can keep me laughing, who can make work fun even when it's not. Do it dammit!

Posted March 18, 2005 9:19 PM