Movable Type Gripes

So far I'm pretty happy with running this blog on Moveable Type, but I'm going to gripe about it anyway. Gripe powers activate!

  • New posts have the creation date/time set to GMT. This bites because by default all my posts show as being created 5 hours in the future, and if its at night they show as being created the next day. Kind reader, I am not a blogger sent from the future.
  • The default post status is "Draft". More than once I've forgotten to select "Publish" and didn't know it. But sometimes I'm lucky and it takes exactly 5 hours before I realize it, and it saves me from having to edit that pesky GMT creation date/time.
  • Using the QuickPost feature isn't quick. When I click the QuickPost bookmarklet, it doesn't select my blog by default (even though it's the only blog in the system), I must manually do it. Then I must also manually check the "Allow Comments" box and also like a regular post I must change the default post status from "Draft" to "Publish". Quick my ass, I checked, it's less clicks to make a regular post.
  • The full title of the post isn't in the URL. It chops it off at 15 characters, which is shorter than nearly every title I write. For example "Movable Type Gripes" is 19 characters. 30 or 40 characters would be much better.
  • No WYSIWYG editor. I thought I'd miss this more, but I'm getting used to writing all the HTML in the posts manually. I'd still like the option though.
If anyone has a way around these gripes, I'd love to hear it.

David Pitkin set my ignant ass straight. The default post status and the timezone can be set from the blog config. I looked there, and I'm not sure how I missed it. Meh.

And for the quick post thing, just compose a new entry and bookmark the url. It's not quite the same a quickpost though, since it doesn't automatically generate a link to the current page. But close enough.

Posted March 23, 2005 8:16 PM