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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ray and Microsoft Predictions

Ok, so I still don't know much of the details of MS buying Groove and Ray becoming the CTO of MS, but I'm going to make some wild-ass predictions anyway:

Ray is going to start a new MS development campus in the Boston metro area, and the whole of Groove will move into it. Because there is a rich talent pool in the Boston area, they will start hiring like mad. Since Ray knows how to run a world class software development organization, droves of top developers in the area will join. I predict Ned will join, as will a lot of the top ex-Iris/Lotus/IBM talent. IBM still has a few phenomenal engineers left: John Paganetti, Russ Holden and Jeff Eisen immediately come to mind (those guys should really start blogs).

What's left of IBM's Westford engineering talent pool will be almost completely drained in a few years and Lotus Notes will die a long slow death. But before that happens, IBM's Workplace will be completely dead, having never really reached any broad market penetration. Once it's clear the battle is lost, Ed Brill will join MS to be an evangelist. He and Scoble will be chums.

That's all for now. Deep down you know I'm right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brill and Scobleizer chums? You've gone too far!

10:37 AMlink  
Blogger Ed Brill said...

It has happened before...

5:08 PMlink  
Blogger Damien said...

Wow my predictions are already coming true. In the wrong order, perhaps, but true nonetheless. :)

12:17 AMlink  
Anonymous Jack Ratcliff said...

Damien, what about you? Would you go work for Ray even if it means "Microsoft" would be signing your paycheck? :-)

11:54 PMlink  
Blogger Damien said...

Of course Jack. If I found a good group/project I'd work for Microsoft even if it wasn't under Ray. All my sources, like Charlie Kaufman, have told it's a lot like the old Iris was.

That said, I'm having WAY to much fun not having a job right now. Maybe in the future.

12:06 AMlink  

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