Last night the car stereo in my '97 Honda Civic wase stolen. It's not a big deal really, it wasn't even a very good stereo, I bought the cheapest receiver I could find that would power my ten disc changer, I think I paid $120 bucks a year and a half ago and the changer was around $180 4 years ago. It had nothing else, no amps or speaker boxes, everything else was stock.

But because I left the door unlocked, someone helped themselves to it. I figure it was probably a crack or heroin addict looking to make a quick cash, this seems unlikely to be a pro thief and certainly not an car audio enthusiast. How much could someone possibly get for that set? $30? At least they didn't rip out the dash, but I'm guessing stealth was important since the car is parked only ten feet from the house and we have a dog.

Fortunately my stamp collection, wife's necklace and daughter's saxophone are all accounted for.

I just found out some of my neighbors were hit the same night, perhaps this was a pro job after all. One lost $3000 worth of tools out of his truck, which really pisses me off. They took not only his possessions, but his ability to provide for his family.

Posted March 22, 2005 8:26 PM