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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


While doing some research for the upcoming launch of PooPoetry.com (big thanks to Bill Buchan for the hosting) I came across ShitBegone Toilet Paper. Apparently the company consists of one guy, but it's a real product and not a novelty. Why create product with shit in the name? From the About Us page:
ShitBegone is a joke but it is also a metaphor. The joke and the metaphor are both about transparency. Most people use toilet paper to wipe up shit, but most companies do not sell toilet paper by talking about shit. They sell it with the opposite of shit- bullshit. Fluffy bunnies and so on.
The opposite of shit is bullshit? Heh? I'm confused. Anyway, once I get Poo Poetry up then maybe we can work out some sort of partnership. You know, synergies and what not.


Anonymous David Boudreau said...

This product must be marketed to men, then? There are all kinds of marketing challenges for that company. If you have a woman living in the house, they do most of the shopping. Even if they love the environment, women will GLADLY pay for premium fluffy bunnies and scented toilet paper (pre-scented, I mean (pleasantly pre-scented, that is)).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, no shit....

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