From Hell's Heart, I Stab at Thee

I got the money back from Vonage. Easy as pie! The thing is, it didn't take the mandatory 2-3 business days they said it would take. It was the same night. Weird. I guess when properly motivated, they can get something done quickly. Anyone with Vonage problems should call Melissa of the Executive Response Team at 732-226-3414, she works miracles. Because when you need something done, you need an Executive Response! But I'm not sure if you have to be an executive or not to get the response, they never asked.

So, sadly, it looks like my battle is over. I have no more angle to exploit. So I'll just have to let my Fuck Vonage page rest, and wait and watch as more people link to it. Too bad too, I was hoping I could be a new Ralph Nader, only less ghoulish and more proactive. Well, it was fun for a little while.

Oh and by the way, you might want to look at this VOIP round-up article from Philip Greenspun. He looks at a lot of VOIP providers and options, but the stuff he says about Vonage is of course what I find interesting. A small excerpt:

After nearly a week of not getting any phone calls I was able to determine that Vonage owned the number. I called Vonage tech support and waited 45 minutes in queue before someone answered. He transferred me to a woman in the porting group. She tried to put me on hold for a moment to test my number but inadvertently hung up on me. She never called back.

Philip is being charitable, that hang-up was no accident. Or perhaps it is true that people at Vonage need more practice operating their telephone devices. Who can really say?

Anyway, he's got more good stuff there about Vonage. Hey Phil, did you ever receive your refund when you cancelled? I'm betting not, but being the busy guy you are, you probably didn't notice. But don't worry, it went to good use, someone is counting on that money. Helicopter rides to work don't pay for themselves!

So I have one last thing for Vonage. 1600 unique visitor have seen the page in the last 3 days. Now I'm betting most of those visitors aren't going to use Vonage in the future, they'll shop around a bit and choose a competitor. Excellent. But I'd like for more people to see it. So I decided to take that $98.97 that took me 5 months to get back, and I'm buying Google Ads. I'm buying the Adword "Vonage", and it will cost me probably around 3-5 cents a click, which would bring in roughly 2500 visitors. That's a hell of a bargain, and unlike traditional advertisers, I don't have to worry about making a sale. So all traffic is good traffic.

The ad:

VOIP Horror Stories
It took 5 months to get back my
$100. Many never will. Learn more.

And of course it links to the Fuck Vonage page.

So, other than some last cleanup and tweaks of the Vonage posts, that's all I'm going to do for now. I'm ready to move on and get back to what I do best, writing software. It's been fun Vonage.

Posted April 7, 2005 5:00 PM