I'm rude as shit

Bob Congdon's post about the quiz page Don't Gross Out The World reminded me that I'm not exactly Mr. Manners. From Bob's post:

Speaking of international dining etiquette reminds me of a story from my mother-in-law. In Slovak culture, a guest is asked three times whether they would like more to eat. Proper etiquette dictates that you kindly turn down the first two requests and then acquiesce on the third.

This explains why my mother-in-law (of Slovak descent) is always trying to get me to eat more food.

Her: "Damien... there's some more porks chops for you."

Me: "No thanks. Had my fill, but they were really good."

"How about some green bean cassarole?"

"No I'm full. Stuffed really."

...20 seconds later...

"Would you like some cranberries?"

"No thanks, already had some."

"There's ice cream in the fridge. It's pecan!"

[a little annoyed] "I ate too much already..."

"How about some of these cookies I bought on sale? 50% off!"

"Look dammit... I'm not HUNGRY ANYMORE!"

And then I feel like a heel.

She's the sweetest women ever (really!), but please... stop with the food already! BTW, I scored 3 of 11 on the Don't Gross Out the World quiz. Sounds about right.

Posted April 20, 2005 2:59 PM