Ship a used monitor to Africa?

I placed an ad to sell a monitor on CraigsList. I keep getting emails about it:

From: "emem emah" <>
Subject: used 19' Dell Trinitron Monitor - $50

my name is mr clark peace. I saw your advert on web and i am
interested in buying your item i am ready to pay you $100 ,i am
based in western africa ,get back to me if my offer is ok by you.
Like i said earlier i am based in the Western africa .there won't
be any problem about the shippment,after payment ,the pick up will
be made at your place. i have made arrangements with the prepaid
shipping company. As regards payment,what i am going to do;I have a
client in the US who is oweing me $3000 i would instruct
him to make out a certified cheque to you in that amount and as
soon as it clears in your bank. you can now deduct your money from
it and send me my balance,i will using part of the money to pay
for the shipping and other expenses .you will then send balance by
via western union

I almost fell for this, I think it was Mr Clark Peace's unusual use of punctuation and capitalization that had me back on my heels. It's spellbinding.

Well played Mr. Peace, your plan almost worked. Almost. See Mr. Peace, I did a little checking. I called Western Africa today. That's right, I dialed Information and they gave me the number. Actually, the operator was a little confused at first, but then I said THE Western africa, then they gave me the number. Anyway, when called the Western Africa I spoke to a nice woman named Ethel. She said she'd never heard of you, and neither did the guy in the next cubicle. I told her there must be some mistake, maybe she was new to the Western Africa? No she said, she had been there for years and so had Doug, the guy in the next cubicle. How could that possibly be, how is it they've never heard of you Mr. Clark Peace? Or should I call you......Emem Emah? Don't ask me how I know your real name, but I know. The jig is up!

Posted May 15, 2005 10:00 PM