Firefox crashy?

Lately Firefox has been very crashy for me. In fact, it just crashed while I was writing a blog post about Couch and the optimizations of the view indexing portions of it. It was great post, I think I came up with a breakthough that will earn me millions and end all human suffering, I really can't say for certain. And now its gone, because Firefox crashed on me. dammit :(

Why so crashy? Buggy Extensions? Extensions are a big reason I use Firefox, but whatever the reason I'm kind of disappointed right now.

Just crashed again doing a refresh on a Yahoo page (BTW I'm running Firefox 1.0.4). I think it's the Flashblock extension that's crashing, I checked it's bug page and there are other reports of crashes on Yahoo pages, and those are pretty heavy with Flash ads. No wait, I just realized I've disabled that a couple of days ago and its still crashing. Alrighty then. I'm going to try uninstalling my own self written extension and see if things clear up, there's a good chance it might.

Posted June 17, 2005 7:29 PM