Imaginary Guy

I keep thinking of this imaginary guy. He's rushing, rushing very fast to get to a place. He's taking boats and airplanes and trains. Finally he's almost there, and he's rushing in a beat-up car and he's driving really fast and he see what he's rushing for, it's a big battle with hundreds of people fighting. It's like in the movies, with smoke and bombs and bullets whizzing by. Without slowing down he's drives right into the battle, right into the very middle. He slams on the brakes as he hits some battle debris. The car stops and without hesitating he jumps out. Just as he does, a bullet strikes him right through the chest, and he's falls over with a groan and dies. And no one in the battle even notices the guy.


In the comments, Jeff Atwood completely nailed the inspiration for the imaginary guy: Battlefield 2. I can't believe you guessed it! Ironically I downloaded it based on the recommendation on your blog.

Thinking about the imaginary guy always made me laugh (it's kind of Monty Python-esque), but after I wrote it I realized the story could be interpreted differently if I didn't mention it was supposed to be humorous.

BTW, Battlefield 2 is a scourge on humanity, and my productivity more specifically.

Posted June 28, 2005 1:37 PM