Update: Joel vs. Scoble

Joel Spolsky takes some swipes at Microsoft and Robert Scoble responds in kind. I must say, after reading the Scobleizer's response, MS sounds pretty damn appealing.

And Joel just comes off like an egomaniac in some of his writings. He needs to check himself, he seems convinced he's an ├╝ber developer, brilliant marketer and visionary. He's definitely a fantastic writer and exploits that to market to geeks, but the guy needs a reality check: his one successful product is bug tracking software, which places him in a long line of guys who've gotten wealthy with a niche product (hey, I wish I was in that line too!). And his swipes at the long development cycles for Windows and SQL Server are sour grapes. I've worked on the guts of a huge, mature, wildy successful software product, it ain't easy moving forward when you've got an installed base of tens of millions of users. I'm honestly amazed at how well MS has done up to this point with Windows, which I'd guess must be over half a billion users and millions of applications built for it.

Don't get me wrong, I think Joel's a very smart guy, but he's no Gates. Slamming the worlds most successful technology company with comparisons about hardware and furniture just makes him look foolish.

I just realized I'm being pretty harsh on Joel. I must apologize.

Building a profitable shrink-wrap software company is a pretty amazing feat and Joel deserves a lot of credit for that. His company isn't some overfunded VC flameout, it's the real deal with satisfied, paying customers. What more could you want? Building a profitable company is a lot harder than it looks and he gives some amazingly lucid advice about software development and the business as a whole. So sorry being so harsh Joel, you didn't deserve it.

Posted June 16, 2005 12:21 PM