C++ Unit Testing

Check it out, two software related posts in a row. I deserve a soda. Ahhhhh refreshing.

I've gotten the architecture of CouchDb implemented enough that I'm confident it won't be changing damatically. Up to this point, so much of the code has been churning I've been letting some things slip, like making sure the code is well organized and maintainable (I've just been putting most of the code into a single .cpp file, yikes!). I've already gotten that mostly taken care of, and now I need to replace my unmanagable heap of test code with a good unit test framework. Does anyone recommend any books or resources for unit testing in C++?

Wait I just found the article Exploring the C++ Unit Testing Framework Jungle which looks pretty informative. I've skipped to the end of the article and favors CxxTest. Now I must read the rest of the article (wow. it's long). In the meantime, any other suggestions are much appreciated.

Posted August 1, 2005 3:05 PM