The Caps Lock key must die. It serves absolutely no purpose other than to annoy, I never, and I mean never, intentionally use it. There is nothing quite like the joy of seeing what you just typed in reverse case, with the each letter the opposite case of what it should be. It's like an eternal practical joke.

Then there is the Insert key. Like the Caps Lock key, it's a key I never actually use. Fortunately it's a little harder to accidentally hit, but once you do oh the joy as your previously composed text gets obliterated. And even better, there is no keyboard indicator and few applications (like a web browser) give you any indication when you are in overwrite mode. You just have to notice that your new text is eating the old. Hi-larious.

With so many keyboard manufacturers eagerly adding new keys, is it too much to ask they remove some old useless ones? I'm looking at you Microsoft.

Posted October 29, 2005 1:31 PM