Getting things working

I've noticed an ebb and flow pattern in my coding style, a messy phase followed by a clean up phase.

The messy phase is when I'm just trying to get new things working smoothly. I'm trying lots of things, mangling the existing code to play with the new, seeing what works well, what's elegant and what's crufty. And as I do, the quality and organization of the code goes to complete shit, all while the design is hopefully improving.

The clean-up phase happens once I feel satisified the hacks are minimal and the design is solid. During clean-up I start making sure all the variable, method and class names are decent, all the bits of code are in the right files and all the files have good names.

Then I sit and take some pride in my nice clean project. Ahhh, so nice!

And the next day I start to mess it up again with the next round of features. Circle of life and all that crap.

Posted November 15, 2005 8:37 PM