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If there was ever a symbiotic relationship, it is one between programmers and traders on Wall Street.

In very simple terms, they cannot do their job without our software, and we do not get paid without them using the software.

We feed each other’s families…

The interesting thing is that as a customer, they don’t actually want the product…in fact, nothing would make traders happier than if we took our software and just disappeared. This logic originates in the way a trader works. When doing his job, a good trader enters a state not unlike the thing we programmers call ‘The Zone’…only they are able to sustain it for much longer periods of time than the 2 or 3 hours we’re capable of. The dynamic mental map which is in play within the traders head when he is working is a thing of wonder…and something I find myself envious of. You can’t imagine the strategies which need to be balanced when you’re trading options across multiple sectors, across multiple expiries, across multiple exchanges, for multiple portfolios…at the same time.

…and yet they don’t want the software…

The very same product we create for them to be able to do their job is a hindrance. It is an absolute necessity, but it’s treated with equally absolute hatred. The 3 millisecond delay imposed by anything within the software is a hindrance. The ‘kewl’ feature implemented by the newbie programmer which moved the trader’s “SEND” button 5 pixels to the left is a hindrance. Consistency, stability and speed are of supreme importance…and this is just not the way of the programmer…our entire job is defined by improvement and change…

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Great stuff so far. I'm subscribed.

It looks like he took the site down. A little too honest I suppose.

Posted December 7, 2005 12:39 PM